Bulk mail sorting system

This is an invention made by Shri. P. J. Varghese Retd. Post Master Changanacherry HPO, Kerala, India.It is an automated bulk mail sorting system, which is useful for processing and sorting of periodicals posted in bulk. It is developed based on the requirements of Department of Posts India and the Publishers of Periodicals in India as briefed under.

Department of Posts India is doing a great service for the people of India by taking the responsibility of handling and delivery of registered news papers and periodicals, charging a meager amount of 25 paise to 50 paise per article as postage. In fact the department is incurring heavy loss on account of this work; but is constrained to do it as a policy matter of Government of India with a broad outlook of promoting literacy and literature.

Department of Posts accepts such articles based on some specific conditions; the most important one among them is that the publishers must present them at the designated office of posting in fully sorted and bundled condition, strictly according to Departmental norms and rules. But the fact is that it is not practicable for various reasons. Nobody is doing as per the directions. Some are doing it partially say about 5 to 30%. Majority of the publishers are doing no sorting at all. The outcome is that the postal department is constrained to do it incurring unwarranted heavy expenditure which is partially compensated from the exchequer.

Though the postal department is compelling the bulk mailers for processing the mails as per rules, there is no single point remedy or method to do bulk mail sorting. Sorting is actually carried out by multiple handling through different post offices and RMS offices. Postal department is now not insisting detailed bulk mail sorting only because of the afore said reasons. The new machine is an answer for this. On successful implementation of the machine the department can tighten their stand for pre sorting of bulk mails presented for posting. It will be useful in the interest of the bulk mailers also.


1. This machine carries out 3 jobs simultaneously
a. Printing of address label of each subscriber.
b. Pasting the printed labels on the enveloped magazines.
c. 100% correct sorting strictly according to Postal Departments Norms and Rules.
2. It avoids detaining of bulk mails for sorting in post offices and RMS offices ensuring time bound posting, transmission and delivery of such bulk mails.
3. The publishers also get tremendous advantageous of mechanization; labor saving, dispatch processing time saving etc. Regarding labor saving it is to be specifically mentioned that there are savings in the present processing expenses i.e. printing and pasting of labels and partial sorting. But it is to be realized that they are bound to do 100% correct sorting. They will get the benefit and fulfillment of this requirement of the postal department at a cost round about that they are incurring for the partial incomplete sorting/nil sorting now done.
4. Publishers can provide a good customer service, having their publications at their subscribers hand much faster.
5. The postal department will save crores of rupees in unwarranted labor expenditure now incurring if properly implemented throughout India. This will also result efficiency in speedy transmission and delivery of other ordinary mails.
This machine is designed, developed and fabricated by Mr. T O Suresh Kumar, Director Maks Automation, Kottarakkara. The supporting software is developed by Mr. Vinoj Kumar, Winsoft Solutions, Changanassery.
The idea behind this machine was conceived by Mr. P. J. Varghese, while he was working as Public Relations Inspector, Changanassery HPO 15 years back. He had then sent a proposal to Postal Directorate but somehow it was not approved. He again took up the matter with Mr. Joseph M, the then Superintendent of Post Offices Changanassery Postal Division in 2005 and got an approval and appreciation for it at Divisional level. The Superintendent also ordered implementation of the proposal at divisional level.
For easy practical implementation of the project Mr. P. J. Varghese continued his efforts and soon conceived an idea of an automated bulk mail sorting machine based on his original ideas. He could successfully complete manufacture of the machine with the expert advice and assistance Mr. Suresh Kumar and Mr. Vinoj Kumar. The successful Implementation of the project is made possible with the involvement and encouragement of the family members of Mr. P. j. Varghese and his well wishers.
He has been in touch with Mr. M Rajagopalan Nair, Chief General Manager (Circulation), Malayala Manorama Co. Ltd. for the last 3 years. With the encouragement of Mr. M Rajagopalan Nair and his collogues, Mr. P. J. Varghese could make his dream a reality and also got approval of the management of Malayala Manorama.
The switch on function was performed by Mr. Harsha Mathew Director Malayala Manorama on 22nd March 2014 at Malayala Manorama Works Unit Kodimatha, Kottayam in the presence of Mr. M. Rajagopalan Nair, Chief General Manager (Circulation) Malayala Manorama and Mr.M. Joseph Retd. Superintendent Of Post Offices, Chanaganassery.
This is a patent pending machine.